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1 hr. 26 mins (2005)


There is no one who has nothing to say about love.


Stalking Love is a feature documentary in which one camera traverses North America to peer into the hearts of individuals from all walks of life. From across Canada, the US, and Mexico, a colourful tapestry of humanity is woven.  

In this dreamlike journey across the North American landscape, Stalking Love weaves together seemingly dissimilar realities by exploring a topic to which every person on earth can relate. No one can speak about love without giving themselves away. It is a property of love that it unveils the most essential in all humans. Stalking Love sings the harmony and too, the discord between humans in our society as they muse the topic of love.


From the wealthy to the poor, the aging to the very young; there is no one who has nothing to say about love.



Stalking Love was (almost) my first film. Before anyone could tell me ‘no’ I set out to make a feature with a miniDV camera and an old jalopy funded through my summer work as a tree planter. I was freshly out of my first long-term relationship, and at the age of 23 I set out across North America to make some attempt to understand the nature of love, through the hearts and minds of the colourful characters I met happenstance along the way. Upon my return home to Prince Edward Island I spent a long, lonely winter teaching myself the art of non-linear editing with an early version of Final Cut Pro. It was the meditative act of editing that sealed the deal for my passion as a filmmaker. Now, 20 years later, I’m no wiser in the ways of love, but I’m no less enamoured with talking to people about the topic. I made a sequel to Stalking Love through the National Film Board’s THE CURVE (COVID initiative) entitled LOVE IN QUARANTINE.



Director/Producer/DP/Editor - Millefiore Clarkes

Music - Roger Carter

Post Sound - Trevor Campbell



(Currently available for broadcast in all regions.)


2005 - 2006: Screened at The Atlantic Film Festival, Rencontres Internationales du Documentaires de Montreal, The New York Independent International Film and Video Festival, Peake Street Studios Collective, The Reel Island Film Festival, The Silverwave Film Festival.


2006 - 2009: Purchased for broadcast on documentary! (CBC/Corus Entertainment) for national Canadian broadcast (22 times total).


2010 - 2011: Available online at the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam 'Docs for Sale' website.


2005 - 2012: Available to rent at That's Entertainment (Charlottetown, PE), The Charlottetown Public Library (Charlottetown, PE), Video Difference (Halifax, NS).

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