13 minutes / 2019 

PRODUCED BY: Emma Fugate / Film4Ward + FilmPEI

DIRECTED BY: Millefiore Clarkes

WRITTEN BY: Millefiore Clarkes & Tanya Davis



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SOLASTALGIA is a lyrical film that explores the anguish that climate change and a global state of uncertainty can impart upon the human psyche. Ava, a mother of two young children, is bombarded throughout her day with news of global disasters. Over the airwaves, on the internet, overheard at a grocery store - cataclysmic stories of the effects of climate change steadily erode Ava’s inner peace. She acutely feels the burden of guilt for her entire species. She worries about her children's futures. Her mental health is unwinding.  

SOLASTALGIA gestures toward the vast timeline of the earth, poetically evoking the idea that life has meaning beyond human life.

SOLASTALGIA is funded by Film4Ward and FilmPEI. Also by UpStreet Craft Brewery. Special thanks to the contributors from our Kickstarter Campaign.

If you are a programmer or press and would like to preview this film. Please contact Millefiore Clarkes for a private screener. 

We are actively seeking new and original ways to use SOLASTALGIA to motivate conversation and action around climate change. If you would like to screen the film in your community - please contact me! 

One Thousand Flowers Productions - PEI, Canada

Filmmaker - Millefiore Clarkes

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