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15 mins. 27 sec. (2022)


EVELYN enters the world of the wise and wry human that is Evelyn Christopher, and offers a little window into what we have lost with all our rushing around. Evelyn Christopher is 94 years old and still grows enough food to give surplus away to neighbours. She comes from a time when time had a different texture. A place where pace was in step with the seasons. She understands the land, the sea, and the air. She doesn’t have much use for the goings on of contemporary society. She is one of the last of her kind, and with her goes a way of being in the world: dirt under your fingernails, chores every morning at dawn, knowing just how to grow a turnip, stacking every stitch of firewood for the lean winter months... there will never be another Evelyn.

Millefiore Clarkes - Director/DP/Editor
Davy Weale - Co-Director
Devon Ross - Sound Design/Composer


  • Best of the Fest & Best Non-Fiction Short - Yorkton Film Festival

  • Audience Choice Award - Dawson City International Short Film Fest

  • Best Original Score in an Atlantic Film - AIFF 2023

  • Lunenburg Doc Fest Official Selection

  • Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival Official Selection

  • Charlottetown Film Festival Official Selection

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