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5 mins 19 sec (2004)

Distributed by: La Distributrice de Films

A brief impression of everything. An attempt to glimpse oneness, in the face of escalating world division and disassociation. A lyrical film culled from footage accumulated over more than a decade of productions, old family archives, and stock sources.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to process the mounting tragedies of the world. The climate crisis and escalating ecological collapse. The brutality of war and oppression at the hands of the military industrial complex and the corporate elite. The aesthetic and spiritual wasteland of unfettered capitalism. The rise of extremism. It has become common for people to refer to these times as end times. It comes up in casual conversation. Like we are willingly careening toward a cliff of our own making but cannot figure out how to stop ourselves. In the midst of what feels like madness, I look to the interconnectedness of the earth body. I seek solace in knowing that we are only flickers of consciousness within a story so vast and beautiful, we cannot fathom its beginning or its end. But we have this gorgeous moment. This moment that is all moments. This film is a gesture toward these philosophies and feelings. 

Director/Editor/Sound Design

Millefiore Clarkes

Cinematography by
Millefiore Clarkes
Oakar Myint
Kyle Simpson

Music by
Marti Hopson
Roger Carter


La Distributrice de Films

Screenings and Awards

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Telefilm's Not Short on Talent Cohort at Cannes Short Film Corner, 2024


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