Solastalgia - Crowd Funding Campaign

I'm working on a new short, lyrical, dramatic film that is in the pre-production stage: SOLASTALGIA. We are almost at our funding goal but are seeking some help from the community to be able purchase archival/stock footage for the project. We have 21 days to raise $5,000! Check out our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN.

If you can contribute - that is wonderful (thank you). But if not, please pass this campaign along to someone who you think might be interested.

SOLASTALGIA is a film that follows one woman as she grapples with a sense of hopelessness caused by climate change. It's an effort to contribute to the dialogue about the uncertain ecological balance of our planet. It is a film that will approach this daunting issue through poetry and emotion, in hopes of reaching a wide array of people.

I'm so excited for the team that has signed on to this project. Emma Fugate is our intrepid producer. The brilliant Tanya Davis is writing and performing a poem in the film, Ray Lavers will be the eye on the lens, Rebecca Parent is playing the lead... and so many others (Ryan McCarvill, Sharlene Kelly, Kelly Caseley, Justin O'Hanley, Oakar Myint, Adam Gallant, Simon White, Devon Ross, Tim Hamming, Craig James Harris).

With gratitude and in hope that we, as a species, can draw from our best natures to coordinate, cooperate and communicate to make (the totally attainable, if difficult) changes necessary for the preservation of biodiversity and balance in this jaw-droppingly, mind-bendingly, awesome ecosystem we call Earth!

Oh - and by the way - the definition of SOLASTALGIA: a neologism that describes a form of mental or existential distress caused by environmental change.

SOLASTALGIA is a production of the Film PEI and PEI Culture Action Plan Film4Ward program.


One Thousand Flowers Productions - PEI, Canada

Filmmaker - Millefiore Clarkes

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