On the Road

It's been a season of fests. Since my NFB documentary The Song and the Sorrow premiered at FIN-Atlantic International Film Festival in September - I have been following it around to festivals in Atlantic Canada and Toronto. I have always shied away from festivals - nervous about what I perceived as high pressure networking scenarios. I have come to see the error of my ways. A film festival, for a filmmaker, can be the most inspiring, revitalizing, camaraderie-filled experience. I'm hooked. It doesn't hurt that The Song and the Sorrow picked up a few awards along the way. And was also programmed as the Opening Night Film (Rendezvous with Madness Festival/ Charlottetown Film Festival) as well as the Closing Night Film (Silverwave Film Festival). It was wonderful to travel with the subject of the film - Catherine MacLellan - to many of these events. To see her perform her father's music and advocate for mental health awareness with such grace and style and heart. Overall it has been a reaffirming fall season. The Song and the Sorrow seems to be reaching people - making them feel and think. And that is indeed reward.