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Last fall I had a truly gratifying experience working with a small team of people who all seemed to be on the same page. I do a lot of my film work alone. It's a strange approach to a fundamentally collaborative art form. But I excuse myself for my solitude by telling myself that I'm more of a poet who happened to pick up a camera instead of a pen, as opposed to a filmmaker by nature. Ultimately I do derive the most satisfaction in my artistic practice in the wee hours of editing. Just me and my muse. But there is something to be said for finding a team of people that you trust. Whose opinions and skill compliment your own. I found that team when creating the music video AM I ODD? for the sublime Jenni and the Hummingbird. Working with Kyle Simpson as Cinematographer and Monica Lacey as Art Director - it felt like we were three legs of a three legged brain-stool. Maybe there's a bit of a team player in me after all.

My newest documentary for the National Film Board of Canada - The Song and the Sorrow - is approaching its release date. I'll keep you posted. It's a film about Catherine MacLellan and her relationship with her father - the late, great Gene MacLellan. Both songwriters and musicians. Both struggling/struggled with mental health issues. It's an intimate portrait of a parent-child relationship and the legacy of loss and artistic redemption.

I am also working with Davy and David Weale on a short documentary about the inspirational character Evelyn Christopher. She was one of the last of a hard-working generation, tied to the land and the patterns of nature. Watch the trailer for Evelyn.

One Thousand Flowers Productions - PEI, Canada

Filmmaker - Millefiore Clarkes

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