Nice to be Noted

We've been staying at my father's old country farmhouse while our place is undergoing a few light renovations (walls). The quarter kilometre lane is impassible on the worst of these Spring days, sometimes necessitating just staying home so that we don't wreck our car. But staying home when you work from home can have rather productive outcomes. Spring has sprung and I've sprung into action. I'm currently sweating over the details of the edit for a music video for the shockingly talented Ten Strings and a Goat Skin (recent Juno nominees amidst other accolades). We filmed it in a cabin in western PEI on the foggiest day I've ever witnessed. I've been working a bit with Jenna MacMillan from Tiny Town Media - shooting a couple of projects with her and her crew (here's one). It's a refreshing break from my solo-endeavours. And last but foremost we've finally moved into post production on the NFB documentary The Song and the Sorrow - about Gene and Catherine MacLellan. The project is at the stage where the future is full of potential and trepidation. From the raw material we can now mould almost any conceivable film. I have a vision in my mind's eye. Now only to make it so.

Because I try from time to time to use my skills for local causes - I made a video to support my community's efforts to save our school. The provincial government wants to shut down several smaller schools across the island. These videos explain why that might not be such a good idea (each reached over 12,000 views on Facebook within days of being posted): OUR SCHOOL OUR FUTURE and DON'T TURN THE LIGHTS OUT.

Last weekend I had a rather invigorating and inspirational time attending the Women Making Waves conference - put on by WIFT-Atlantic. It's imperative to reach outside ones daily circles to regroup and connect with the larger body. In this case - talented folks (women!) creating media in Atlantic Canada. Got inspired by Ashley MacKenzie of Grass Fire Films (as always).

And it was real nice to be noted in the PEI Women in Business' initiative Telling Our Stories. The online version was released on International Women's Day and it is pretty heartening to read about the women right around me who are changing the world through their work and courage and passion.

One Thousand Flowers Productions - PEI, Canada

Filmmaker - Millefiore Clarkes

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