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It has been a patiently productive time at One Thousand Flowers of late. I am only working at my craft part time, while full-time momming... it's an feat of fine balance which by times cascades into an amateur juggling act with flaming torches hitting the ceiling and landing at the audience's feet. But I've taken my metaphors too far.

In plain english - I have been working on a really interesting project lately with the National Film Board of Canada. I don't want to talk about it too much, since a work in progress is a delicate creature and I am wary of startling it (there I go again with the metaphors). The documentary is about the talented and lovely singer/songwriter Catherine MacLellan and her father Gene. Gene MacLellan was the genius behind many songs, but notably 'Snowbird' that Anne Murray made famous. And so of course we had to go talk to Anne - gracious lady that she is. And that is why there is a photo of myself, Catherine and Anne Murray at the top of this blog post. Our documentary, The Song and the Sorrow, is about Gene's genius, but also his troubled legacy. It is about the legacy a parent leaves a child, both creatively and emotionally. And how that child processes this for a lifetime.

Fall was full of film festivals. Two of my short lyrical films, September in Toronto and Across America screened at the Atlantic Film Festival, and my latest music video My Sweet Rosetta for Trevor Alguire will be screening at the upcoming Charlottetown Film Festival. I attended the Atlantic Film Festival this year and was fortified and heartened by being surrounded by inspiring fellow filmmakers. One film impacted me significantly - Werewolf - directed by Ashley MacKenzie. See it by all means if you can. I also very much enjoyed Hand. Line. Cod. a documentary by two talented colleagues Justin Simms and Andrew MacCormack.

The short documentary that I produced with my friend Jason Arsenault (director) for BravoFACTUAL, entitled Little Bay Islands is now viewable online after a stint at film festivals. It is a film about the resettlement issue facing rural towns in Newfoundland.

Finally, my films Across America and Islands were featured on the National Screen Institutes Online Film Festival.

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