It seems that all the projects I'm working on these days have the word 'Island' in the title. 'Island Green' (my NFB doc about organic agriculture on PEI), 'Litte Bay Islands' (a doc I'm producing for Bravofactual about resettlement in Nfld.) and most recently 'Islands' - a short dramatic film set on PEI about two lonely people; thus islands.

Islands was a joy to make. It was my first endeavor to direct drama and the experience left me wanting more. Dramatic filmmaking is collaborative in ways that no other form of filmmaking has been for me thus far. I do like solo-creation, but collaboration is rather rewarding as well. Working with Jill McRae (my sister-in-not-law) who wrote the script and was the lead actor, as well as with Jason Arsenault (a filmmaker friend that I respect muchly) who produced the film - ended up flowing really... fluidly. Amazingly - no major bumps or ego bruises. And the production team from Kyle Simpson (DP), Adam Gallant (Sound), Monica Lacey (Art Department), and Dane Cutcliffe (teenage PA extraordinaire) were so on-the-ball and encouraging and had skill-sets that complimented one another so very well. I won't go on. Just to say - I shall be making another dramatic film in the not so distant future and I'd love to work with the very same people. If they'll have me ;)

Also - when we premiered the film at the Island Media Arts Festival, we happened to walk away with the 'Audience Choice Award'. So that was nice.

One Thousand Flowers Productions - PEI, Canada

Filmmaker - Millefiore Clarkes

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