Making a Movie

I've made films before - sure. Music videos, experimental videos, documentaries... but a 'movie' (to my mind) is a title reserved for drama. This may not be the proper definition of the term - but until I started in on the production of my first dramatic short - I guess I never felt I'd made a 'movie'.

ISLANDS is a short dramatic film directed by yours truly, written by Jill Mary Elizabeth McRae and produced by Jason Arsenault. It will be premiering at the Gala Screening at the upcoming Island Media Arts Festival (IMAF) Oct 23-26th. ISLANDS was awarded the CBC 3-2-1 Grant at the last IMAF and, since then we have been writing and honing the script and preparing for the production which took place in August. The production approach was to harness local skills and talent to put together a small and light-weight and efficient crew. It was such a joy to work with the crew and actors. In only three days of filming we became a fluid unit. This approach to filmmaking is more of a collaborative approach than traditional industry-standard structures. I believe it’s the sort of filmmaking that is perfectly suited to a film industry here on PEI - where we have a proportionally large number of really talented people, but it’s still small enough to move quickly and not get mired in old production models.

ISLANDS is a film about a woman who lives in isolation, believing that she has a curse that will separate her from others for the rest of her life. When she has a chance meeting with a solitary man, they spark a small hope for a less lonely future. But will it last? ISLANDS stars Jill Mary Elizabeth McRae and Jeremie Saunders. Jeremie Saunders acted this past summer at the Victoria Playhouse and has two Canadian Screen Awards to his credit for work in television, and Jill McRae is a Charlottetown actor who has had roles in such hits as Just Passing Through and Jiggers.

Islands was also supported by The Island Media Arts Co-op, The PEI Council of the Arts and the Maud Whitmore scholarship.

One Thousand Flowers Productions - PEI, Canada

Filmmaker - Millefiore Clarkes

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