The New Year

The new year has roared in with a... well... roar. One thing I love about life in PEI is that everyone and just about everything slows way down to a barely perceptible pulse for the month of December. The MONTH of December. Not just a few days or a week. It's a very acceptable excuse to delay action for the month of December by simply saying 'Lets get to it at the first of the new year'. What fun that is. And then suddenly IT'S THE NEW YEAR and all plans delayed are banging frantically on the front door. Such is the situation I find myself in. Projects spinning off madly in all directions. Better than the alternative, to be sure.

OK - so... news. Big news first. Jason Arsenault (fellow filmmaker) and myself were awarded a Bravofactual Grant (a brand new grant) to produce a 15 minute documentary on the resettlement situation in Newfoundland. Our film is called WHERE THE HEART IS and will contemplate the decay of rural life and the tensions between those who want to stay and those who desire to go. A little intimidating to be heading out into remote Newfoundland in the middle of winter but it gives me a great excuse to buy a brand new down-filled jacket.

Other big news is that my documentary ISLAND GREEN is continuing to gain momentum and spark conversations across PEI and beyond. It is slated to screen at a very cool initiative at the end of the month. Open Cinema, a group from Victoria BC will screen the film on the same day that we screen it here (January 29th). This screening will be followed by a panel and audience discussion that will be live-streamed, and tweetchatted... and engage in all number of social meidalicious outreach. A bi-coastal screening event. An initiative supported by the Canada Media Fund. And the PEI screening is presented by the PEI Organic Producers Co-op.

My live-performance video of the Paper Lion's song PHILADELPHIA was nominated for a MusicPEI Award for Best Video. There are some other really fantastic videos up for the same award. This one is particularly beautifully shot and edited by my colleague Kyle Simpson: Don't Worry.

Over and out.

One Thousand Flowers Productions - PEI, Canada

Filmmaker - Millefiore Clarkes

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